Episode 7

The Subtle Art of Less Awkward Interviews with Alie Ward (Ologies)

Help for awkward interviews is on the way. Alie Ward, host of the hit show Ologies, is here to help us de-cringe our conversations with expert advice. Bonus: She blesses us with the tale of her most awkward interview ever. Plus, we'll look at three tips to give your guests—and you—a better experience.

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If it's peculiar, you can count Doug Fraser in. From the voice of Porky Pig to bestselling author Lemony Snicket, Doug's What We Do podcast explores the people behind the world’s most intriguing passions, hobbies, and jobs. He's also the producer/host of The Pod Lab (a Podcast Movement original series), and the creator/producer of several other upcoming shows. When not podcasting, Doug spends his time concepting and writing for ad agencies, filming short documentaries, and soaking up rays in Virginia Beach.